AbyssinianAbyssinians definitely put the "a" in active. These are go, go, go cats fueled by curiosity and motivated by studying and mimicking the actions of their favorite people. more
American BobtailAmerican Bobtails are known for being friendly and playful. They are also active and very intelligent. They are famous for being escape artists. more
American CurlAmerican Curls can vary a lot in personality, but are basically easygoing, fun loving pets. They are playful and affectionate, and enjoy children. They also tend to get a more
American RingtailAmerican Ringtails are friendly and love people. They are outgoing, a trait they are bred for since Ringtails who are scared or aggressive do not hold their tails over th more
American Shorthair CatsAmerican Shorthairs are gentle cats who enjoy children and spending time with their human family. They are quiet, and usually get along well with dogs. The also enjoy pla more
American WirehairThe American Wirehair is generally considered an affectionate, people-oriented cat that loves to play but is not hyperactive or clingy. Wirehair cats shed in the spring a more
AnatolianSiberians seems to possess a special knack for winning over those who steadfastly proclaim to be strictly “dog people.” more
BalineseExtremely agile and graceful and polite, the Balinese is not prone to intentionally knocking over objects or misbehaving. They enjoy a game of fetch but equally enjoy tak more
BengalThe Bengal put the "b" in busy. These cats are active, alert and agile. They study the actions of their people and learn how to open cabinets, doors and even windows. The more
BirmanA Birman likes to communicate with people, but does so in a soft tone. This is a gentle cat who plays gracefully and enjoys learning some tricks in a dignified style. more
Bombay Bombays are happy, friendly cats who love to play and interact with humans and other pets. Many can be trained to go outside on a leash, and like to play fetch with a sma more
British ShorthairBritish Shorthairs rarely have met a lap that they didn’t like. Be aware that their thick coats make them like feline furnaces and your lap may become toasty warm. more
BurmeseBurmese carefully observe household activities and seem to posses a “monkey see, monkey do” attitude. That explains why they are masters at opening cabinets and stash more
California SpangledIntelligent and playful, the California Spangled Cat takes an active role in family life. It enjoys playing any games that involve chasing or pouncing on toys, and its at more
Chantilly / TiffanySOON more
Chartreux The ever-pleasing, comical Chartreux never turns down an invitation to play fetch or learn dog-like tricks. more
ChausieChausies are very active, assertive cats. They are excellent jumpers and hunters. They need time and attention, especially interactive play. more
Colorpoint ShorthairColorpoints share temperament with the Siamese. They are vocal and demanding of attention. They are also very active and love to play. more
Cornish RexCornish Rexes are very active and love to be in the center of attention. They show great affection and a playful spirit. Their special coat needs no grooming. more
Devonshire RexThese very intelligent cats are very playful and active. They are very giving of affection, and love a lot of attention. They require virtually no grooming because of the more
Domestic Long HairBecause Domestic Longhairs are of mixed ancestry, their temperaments can be hard to predict. Some cats are quiet and docile while others are more active and vocal. Some a more
Domestic Medium HairBecause Domestic Medium Hairs are of mixed ancestry, their temperaments can be hard to predict. Some cats are quiet and docile while others are more active and vocal. Som more
Domestic ShorthairDomestic Shorthairs are of mixed ancestry, so their temperaments can be hard to predict. Some cats are quiet and docile while others are more active and vocal. Some are a more
Don HairlessDon Hairless are very affectionate and interactive with their owners. They are active and need a lot of attention. more
Egyptian MauFans of this breed boast of the Mau’s fierce loyalty and devotion, moderate activity level, and soft, melodious voice. more
European BurmeseThe Foreign Burmese and the Burmese are alike in their sweet disposition, intelligence and affection for people. They can be chatty, not surprising given their Siamese he more
European ShorthairEuropean Shorthairs come in many different temperaments. Some are quiet and laid back while others are active and playful. This is the result of the European Shorthairs a more
Exotic Shorthair more
Havana BrownHavana Browns are charming, playful, people-oriented and intelligent cats. They tend to have soft voices and are affectionate and devoted companions. Their coats are very more
Highlander more
HimalayanHimalayans are gentle, calm, easygoing cats. They enjoy playing, but are not overly active. They also tend to be quiet. more
Japanese BobtailJapanese Bobtails exude confidence, curiosity, intelligence and high energy. They enjoy playtime but are not high-strung or skittish. more
JavaneseJavanese cats are people-oriented, playful, intelligent and vocal. They demand attention and affection from their people and do not like being left alone for long periods more
Khao ManeeKhao Manees are friendly, outgoing cats that love to interact with people. They get along well with kids and other pets. They are intelligent and playful, and need stimul more
KoratLike most Oriental cats, the Korat is active and playful. Korats are also very affectionate and sometimes vocal. This highly intelligent breed gets along with older child more
LaPermThe people-oriented LaPerm loves to sit in a lap, but when that’s not an option, this investigative cat is exploring its surroundings and making sure that it’s a part more
Maine CoonMaine Coons can rival the size of small dogs and are highly intelligent, playful and energetic. They thrive in families that include children and other pets, including do more
ManxCalm and composed, a Manx tends to bond closely with one person or the entire family. Not a good choice for highly mobile people as this breed does not like being relocat more
MinskinOutgoing and playful, this feline sweetie loves people and enjoys being handled. Expect it to love being in a lap. Like any other cat, the Minskin is active and enjoys hi more
MunchkinDespite their short legs, Munchkins are very mobile cats and can jump onto low tables and couches. They often find their way onto kitchen countertops if they can use smal more
NebelungThe word Nebelung is German and means “creature of the mist.” That’s an appropriate description for this quiet feline who moves like a shadow. The Nebelung loves it more
Norwegian Forest CatNowegian Forest Cats are friendly and playful, as well as patient. Although they enjoy being with their family, they are also fine when left alone for short periods of ti more
OcicatWild in looks, the Ocicat possesses a tabby temperament. This breed thrives on the company of people – even first-time visitors to the home. Don't be surprised if they more
OrientalOrientals have many characteristics associated with the Siamese. They are very active and vocal, and crave attention. They love to play, and enjoy meeting new people, alt more
PersianPersian cats are well known for their quiet, docile dispositions. They usually get along well with kids and other pets, and enjoy attention. They can be very playful and more
PeterbaldPeterbalds are bred to be intelligent, active cats. They also love attention and are known for being affectionate. They can be very playful and bold. more
Pixie-Bobixie-Bobs are busy but not hyperactive. They tend to develop an unusually strong bond with their families, and love to travel in the car. They are easy to train to walk o more
RagamuffinRagaMuffins are known for their sweet, endearing personalities. They thrive on attention and love sitting in laps. They also get along great with children and other pets. more
RagdollIf you’re looking for an easygoing cat who enjoys being held or sprawled in your lap, the Ragdoll is ideal. These cats enjoy playtime, but are not overly demanding or b more
Russian BlueRussian Blues are known for being both intelligent and independent. They are moderately active, and like to play. They are also very affectionate, and get along well with more
SavannahSavannah owners report their cats have a domestic, dog-like personality. They are apt to follow owners around the house, play fetch and exhibit other intelligent behavior more
Scottish FoldNever overly demanding, the soft-spoken Scottish Fold welcomes laps slightly more than games of fetch. They simply enjoy your company and revel in spending time with you. more
Selkirk RexSelkirk Rexes are mellow cats that love to be with people. They are affectionate, and like to play. They also get along well with kids and other pets. more
SiameseYou might wish this breed came with a mute button. Siamese are vocal and demanding, capable of conveying its wants in a range from mews to loud raspy calls. Siamese are a more
SiberianSiberians seems to possess a special knack for winning over those who steadfastly proclaim to be strictly “dog people.” more
SingapuraAffectionately known as “Velcro cats” because of their intense desire to always be with their chosen people. They love laps as equally as they do playing interactive more
SnowshoeThe Snowshoe has the outgoing personality of both the American Shorthair and the Siamese. It may or may not be talkative. When it does vocalize, it tends to have a softer more
SokokeThe independent but loving Sokoke bonds closely to its people and will “talk” to them for hours. This is an active and intelligent cat that responds well to training, more
SomaliFans of this breed embrace the Somali’s fun nature, energy bursts and humorous antics. This cat is quite capable of turning out faucets with its paws, opening cabinet d more
SphynxShow me the heat – that seems to be the theme song for the Sphynx breed. Because of their lack of a coat, they need to keep their bodies from losing heat. Let them snug more
TiffanieTiffanies are friendly and outgoing. They are gentle, mellow cats who love to spend time just curled up in your lap. They also like to play and are very intelligent. They more
TonkineseTonkinese are very vocal active cats that demand attention. They love to play, and get along great with kids and other pets. They are also very affectionate and intellige more
ToygerToygers are bred to be trainable and easygoing cats. They love children and other pets, and are highly intelligent. more
Turkish AngoraTurkish Angoras are friendly, intelligent, active cats who enjoy interacting with their human family as well as with other cats. Unlike most cats, many members of this br more
Turkish VanSome say this is the cat to select if you can’t decide if you want to adopt a cat or a dog. That’s because Turkish Vans thoroughly enjoy games of fetch and are champi more